Eye Catching Almond Shaped French Nail Ideas

Eye Catching Almond Shaped French Nail Ideas

Almond nails have a beautiful form and are simple to apply. Almond nails have a very feminine shape and make your nails appear longer due to their pointy tip.

An almond-shaped nail looks great with a conventional French manicure. Almond-shaped French nails are really popular right now, and will most likely remain so for the rest of the year!

Continue scrolling for some inspiration to challenge yourself if you’re still not convinced of the possibilities of this almond shaped French nails. Let’s get started! You can choose from a variety of stunning almond-shaped French nail designs below.

1. White Style

Almond Shaped French Nail Ideas


This is a simple idea for almond nails with a French nail design. The outer area is colored in white with a less sharp cure than the tip of the nail. It gives an elegant appeal, making it an ideal way to style your fingernails for work.

2. Gold Glitter

Almond Shaped French Nail Ideas


As you can see, this nail design is quite unique due to the glossy region from the tip to one side. If you are using gold glitter, you can use a matching beige color for the rest of your nails. This will be a great French nail design for special functions.

3. With Pearls

Almond Shaped French Nail Ideas


In addition to the usual coloring of the tips, there are some pearls fixed on these nails. Depending on the size of the pearls and your nails, you can add two or three per nail. You can try this not only on almond nails but also on stiletto nails as well.

4. Blue Lines

Almond Shaped French Nail Ideas


A stylish French nail art for almond-shaped nails. A blue line is shaded from thick to thin along a side of the nail. You can use a few shades of color to make the design even more attractive.

5. Glittering Silver

Almond Shaped French Nail Ideas


The nail tips are decorated with glittering silver. This will be a great choice for special functions such as weddings and parties. Although it is a simple nail design idea, your nails will look elegant and catch the attention of anyone.

6. Black Lines

Almond Shaped French Nail Ideas


The outermost area of this nail is colored in black to create a beautiful French nail design. Then an additional line is drawn leaving a small gap towards the base. You can try this nail design on both short and long nails.

7. Small Yellow Stars

Almond Shaped French Nail Ideas


The first impression of this nail art gives a cheerful vibe due to its small yellow stars along with the sparkling studs. The specialty here is that the white-colored area of the French nail design is a lot thicker than those we encountered previously.

8. Baby Blue

Almond Shaped French Nail Ideas


A light shade of baby blue is used in this almond-shaped French nail design. The design makes the nails appear more pointed than the almond nails really are. A neutral base color and a shiny topcoat will give a great finish to this nail design.

9. Slimmer Nails

Almond Shaped French Nail Ideas


If you are looking for an attractive almond nail design for work, you can try this French nail idea. This makes the nails look longer while the fingers appear slimmer. Therefore, this is ideal as a nail design for daily work and even for special events.

10. Pink and White

Almond Shaped French Nail Ideas


These nails are painted in a light shade of pink and white. The tip of the nail is pointed and is highlighted by the white area in this French nail idea. You can mix some white for a few nails so that it brings a ceramic vibe.

11. For Girly Vibe


Anyone who sees this beautiful nail design is sure to look back again at them. These nails are cute and give a cheerful girly vibe. Choose a very light shade of pink or any other color of your preference. The golden line at the margin also adds glamor to this great design.

12. Glittering Nail Polish


If you need a design to make your nails appear clean and neat, you can try this elegant nail design. To add a difference to the monotonous design, you can color one nail; which is preferably the ring fingernail with glittering nail polish.

13. Black Spots


The base of the fingernail is colored with a neutral pink color. The tip is colored in white and some black spots are added along the area. Match this French nail design with your favorite black and white outfit for the special function.

14. Pastel Colors


Pastel colors can also be used for French nail designs. Color the tips of almond nails in different light colors as shown here. Light blue, pink, and yellow would be some of the best choices. You can also add some tiny hearts at the tips of some nails.

15. Striped Lines


The striped lines of white and pink bring a festive appearance. The tip of some nails can be colored in white to create a beautiful French nail design. You can either add some snowflake design or any studs as you like for the other nails.

16. White Dots


The specialty in this nail design is that there are some white dots towards the tip of some nails. The French nail design is done with white and pink. As you can see, the white dots are added to the pink-tipped nails.

17. Brownish Look


The last pick is a brownish French nail design with glitter and shine. Each fingernail is different from one another with the type of lines and color shades. This will look best with a neutral base color so that the brown shades will look amazingly attractive.

In conclusion, almond shaped French nail ideas are a classic and elegant way to elevate any manicure. The almond shape is flattering on all nail lengths and provides a sophisticated and feminine touch to the French manicure.

French nails with almond shapes offer a variety of styles and variations, from the classic white tip to modern twists with unique color combinations or intricate designs.

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