can you wear suede jacket in the summer

Can You Wear Suede Jackets In The Summer?

If you are interested in this idea of wearing Suede Jackets in summer, then this article is ideally made for you! Keep reading as we bring you all the fine details of Suede Jackets along with interesting tips and hacks that might help you this summer!

What Are Suede Jackets?

Suede jackets are created from suede leather that comes from the lower layer of animal skin. It can also be made from a synthetic material that provides similar properties to animal skin. This type of leather is very popular due to this difference from other leathers. The finishing has a different texture due to its thin, soft, and flowy nature. Even though the durability is low and less resistant to stains due to their soft texture, they are highly comfortable when worn.


How Are Suede Jackets Made?

Sued leather comes from the skin of small animals such as sheep, goat, lamb, and calf. This leather is created by removing the top layer from the underside of the animal skin. Then the separated underside layer is subjected to a complex treatment procedure of oils and waxes. They are dyed and tanned according to the preferences and market values.

The manufacturers have taken steps in the direction of reducing the impact of this growing industry on animals. They have created synthetic fabrics that are mostly similar to the nature of sued leather with varying results of success. These synthetic alternatives are considered to be more durable and would be less expensive than real suede leather.

Important Facts about Suede

Suede leather is also known as Fuzzy Leather, Napped Leather, and Ultrasuede. It was originally created by Sweden and currently, the biggest sued producing and exporting country is China. The fabric breathability of suede is low, while it has high heat retention abilities. The moisture-wicking abilities and stretching abilities are also low. It has less prone to pilling and bubbling. Suede leather is used not only for jackets but also used in shoes, hats, gloves, bags, belts, and covers.

Why Suede is a Good Choice in Summer?

Leather has been traditionally labeled as a material for cold weather. It is because of low breathability and high heat retention within the fabric. But still, you can definitely feel comfortable in suede jackets even in summer. Wearing long sued pants or long-sleeved dresses would create discomfort in hot weather. Nevertheless, you can wear suede in summer if you follow the correct garment combinations. Let us explain this along with some examples and handy tips.

Tips for Wearing Suede Jackets in Summer

  • Wear it over a flannel undershirt

The flannel shirt would create more breathability for your skin and avoid the body temperature from heating up in the hot weather. Also, wearing your suede jacket over a flannel undershirt would also make you look stylish and fashionable.

  • Use lighter colors

Choose lighter shades of sued jackets for summer. This would help in reducing the heat as light colors reflect most of the sun and capture less heat.

  • Wear a matching cap or hat

This is a styling tip that would make you look smarter with matching headwear for your suede jacket and outfit. It would also reduce the sun glare on your eyes and provide comfort.

  • Wear it with shorts

Wearing shorts is a common style in summer. Pair it up with your new sued jacket and look gorgeous. Also you can wear it with a gathered skirt. Try it out this summer!

  • Sleeveless style

Wearing sleeveless sued jackets would lessen the heat getting trapped inside your clothes. So, if you are a fan of sleeveless jackets, you can go ahead with this styling option.

  • Wear it with light clothes

If you are wearing a leather jacket, it is highly recommended to wear lighter clothes along with it. This would balance off the impact of trapping heat.

  • Focus on outfit

In summer clothing, make sure to match your clothes with other headwear and footwear in order to create a comfortable outfit. Do not focus merely on the fabric, but also on the style, length, and lightness of garments.

How to Maintain Suede Jackets?

  • Gently brush your suede jacket in the direction of the grain to avoid any damage to the fibers. This would help the suede stay soft.
  • Do not wear the same suede jacket every day. At the end of the day, place it on a hanger and let it rest and aerate for at least 24 hours before you wear it again.
  • The collar of suede jackets is the part that is most likely to get dirty. A secret tip to avoid this problem is that you can wear a scarf around the collar which would create a stylish look.
  • The moisture of sued jackets can be reduced by using a waterproofer. The spray would create tiny filaments that reduce the water tension. Thus, if you spill anything on your jacket, it is less likely to soak into the fibers.
  • A suede eraser or a brush helps in getting rid of light dirt on your sued jacket.
  • If you get something like a food stain on your suede jacket, first blot the stain with some tissues. Then apply some powder over the stain and leave it overnight. Next, brush it off using a suede brush.
  • If the stain is deeper and has oils, then the best option is to get it cleaned by a professional. Find a reputed dry cleaner that would do the cleaning for you carefully, so as not to damage the suede fabric.

Can I Wear Suede Jackets in Other Seasons Too?

Yes, you can definitely wear suede jackets in any season, if you get them matched correctly. You may use the clothing tips that we shared above, for warmer seasons. Of course, suede jackets would be ideal for winter as it retains heat and helps regulate your body temperature for you to stay warm. Choose darker shades of your favorite suede jacket and enjoy the winter. Suede leather never goes out of style. So you can always wear them all year throughout!

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