What’s So Trendy About Gathered Skirt

What’s So Trendy About Gathered Skirt That Everyone Go Crazy Over It?

What is a Gathered Skirt?

I think there is no need to elaborate on what a gathered skirt is. You ‘ve seen it a lot while traveling. This gathered skirt belongs to the flared skirt type. Many women in the Europe and in the United States still wear this gathered skirt. This gathered skirt is sometimes called Dirndl.

The skirt is a dress that is commonly worn by women. Among them, this gathered skirt has a special place among some women. So today we will see all the details about the gathered skirt.


Let’s talk about the history of this. You ‘ve seen this gathered skirt in a lot of old movies. Now you may think that this style has been outdated. Not really. The style of that time is different from the ones we have now. And beautiful. It is also considered as a vintage outfit as it was mostly worn by women in the past.

A concept called “Gather” has been modernized to current style. The gather means that the dress looks wrinkled.

Types of Gathered Skirts

These skirts can be classified into different categories based on various factors. Here it is difficult for us to classify these as their types. I will mention a few commonly used varieties.

  • Variations with pocket number and also with and without pocket
  • Various sizes from kids to adults
  • Long and short versions
  • Variations with the type of fabrics used
  • Zipper and no zipper variations
  • Gathered skirt with buttons

Occasions That Can Be Worn

Before buying a dress, any woman should think about what kind of occasion it is least suitable for. There are at least some we can wear anywhere. But this gathered skirt is not wearable everywhere. So, it called occasion depended attire. Most of these are worn for convenience. We will talk about that later.

Is it appropriate to wear on professional occasions

Absolutely not. I think you have never seen wearing this gathered skirt for professional occasions. This skirt is best worn at home or on short trips.

Is it Outdated?

One can think that this dress has been outdated due to a dress worn in the past. Not really. Many women still wear them. A special reason for this is that they are comfortable to the body and can be sewn on their own. They can be worn on good short trips at home except for special trips.

All you have to do is wear a gathered skirt sewn to the current style. You can get a great look if you wear this skirt according to the shape of your body.

Is gathered skirt Outdated

Is It Difficult to Sew a Gathered Skirt?

Most women do not buy a gathered skirt. They sew alone. So you understand that this skirt is not difficult to sew.

It does not take much knowledge to sew a gathered skirt. Even someone who is accustomed to sewing can sew a normal gathered skirt. There are many tutorials on YouTube.

These skirts can be sewn by hand as well as on a machine. All you need are the basics, even the equipment.

How Much Fabric?

The size of the fabric depends on a variety of factors. It is usually wise to take a fabric that is about three times as long as your waistline measurement. If you are a first-time sewer, buy extra long fabric piece for it. Because by mistake you may have to remove the clothes.

Like I said before there are different types of gathered skirts. Because of this the size of the fabric required for each quantity varies. For example, if you sew a long skirt, you will need a lot of fabric size.

Normal Price to Buy

These are usually not more expensive. You can buy a good quality skirt for around  20$-40$.

If you buy, buy one from a good brand then you can wear it for a long time.

Best Fabric Types

The best fabrics to make your gathered skirt from are woven and light to medium weight. Look for quilting cotton and cotton blends. Stiffer fabrics will give more body to your skirt and soft fabrics will drape nicely.

How to Wash a Gathered Skirt?

Let us now see how to wash a gathered skirt and how to keep it safe.

First of all, the gathered skirt is not a clothe that needs to be handled carefully. You can wash it in the washing machine or even by hand if you want. So don’t worry too much about it. A lot of gathered skirts sewn by hand. For one thing, I think you should not bother washing by hands.

And one more thing to say. Wash by hands several times before washing in the machine. Probably pleats may change when washing by machine.

If you bought this skirt from a shop, read the manufacturer’s label first.

how to wash a gathered skirt

Is Wearing A Gathered Skirt Comfortable?

Really yes. It is much easier to wear a gathered skirt than to wear jeans. One with pockets is more convenient.

As mentioned earlier there are different types of gathered skirts that you may remember. One type is a skirt with a flat waistline. It would be a little uncomfortable to wear with a flat waistline with no elastic.

It is difficult to wear a tight skirt with a slight waist area. For one thing, choose a skirt that is not too tight. If you are sewing a skirt, you can use a suitable elastic.

While there are many other types of skirts, we choose a gathered skirt because of its convenience. But there are some gathered skirts that do not have enough space inside. Therefore, it would be difficult to wear for long time if you choose such one.

How I Know Whether Gathered Skirt Is Beautiful for Me

If you are a fat person, this skirt is not for you. But that does not mean that you look ugly. The best thing is for someone else to see and get ideas.

Why Gathered Skirt is So Popular?

These skirts are very popular because of their comfort. Anyone can try it. It is also easy to maintain. It is cheaper to buy from the shop. For these reasons gathered skirt still gives a lot and is popular.

On Which Season Gathered Skirt Is More Suitable?

Whenever you have a short trip, it is appropriate to wear this gathered skirt. It is a slightly open dress, so it is best to wear it during the summer season. Sweating does not occur because the air gets into the legs. Also suitable for spring season.

Which Age Groups?

There is really no age limit. It can be worn by anyone of any age. You ‘ve seen so many women, from children to old women, wear this skirt.

Common Problems

Let’s see what are the common problems you may face when wearing a gathered skirt

1.Too loose

If it is a little too loose, use another elastic one. Or try to tighten the existing elastic.

2.Too tight

If it’ too tight, remove the elastic. Either you can replace it with another elastic. Or it can be used as a normal gathered skirt without elastic.

3.Can I shorten a long skirt

While there are ways to convert low waist jeans to high waist, you can shorten gathered skirts too. There may many reasons why you should shorten a long skirt. 

There are two ways to shorten an existing skirt without cutting it. One is to use an adhesive type and glue it to the inside of the bottom of the skirt. Use the appropriate adhesive type. The other method is to sew the inside out without sticking.

The best way is to use the sewing skills to cut as much as you need under the skirt and sew the bottom edge. This will make the work look better in both methods.

4.Which Undies Suitable for Gathered Skirt?

You may have a problem with what kind of underwear you want to wear. This is especially true if you have not previously worn a gathered skirt. The skirt does not stick to the body so you can wear any underwear.

5.Should You Iron Gathered Skirt?

Actually, it depends. The pleats will naturally fall into place. If not place the skirt on the iron board and arrange your pleats. Then iron slow on the pleats. Make sure to keep the pleats with the original appearance.

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