can you wear jeans while driving

Can You Wear Jeans While Driving? ANSWERED

There is no specification on what you can or cannot wear while driving. However, it is dangerous to wear both baggy and extremely tight clothes while driving. This is because there is a high risk of hindering your movement and can cause accidents. I personally find wearing a good pair of jeans a lot more comfortable for driving. So let me share some important facts related to this.

What You Should Not Wear While Driving?

Wearing the wrong clothes can cause discomfort for you while driving. However, if you are a fan of loose fitting clothes, then this advice is for you. Wearing too much loose clothes such as long skirts would cause obstruction to driving. You should specifically be careful about this, as it might cause unexpected obstruction and even get the vehicle out of your control.

If you wear the wrong shoes that are not suitable for driving, then this would again cause trouble. Wearing flip-flops or high heels can hinder your control over the pedals. This would lead to the effect known as “pedal error”. The consequences would be your foot slipping off the pedal or pushing the wrong one. Both these situations would cause road accidents. Therefore, make sure to wear proper footwear with flat sole and adequate traction to avoid any risk.

The next most important concern is to wear too tight fitting clothes that would cause uneasiness for you. Depending on certain requirements such as traveling to special occasions, bring out the need to wear tight and attractive clothes. However, try to reduce this when possible. Let’s learn more about this.

can you wear jeans while driving

What Type of Jeans Should You NOT Wear When Driving?

One thing you should definitely avoid is wearing tight jeans while driving. This can cause severe damages and even death. There was a case that reported a young businessman who blackened out with swollen legs while driving. This has occurred due to wearing tight jeans over eight hours of driving an automatic car. The damage caused to the blood circulation of his lower body has caused him to lose consciousness. This may be just one example that reminds the importance of wearing clothes that are loose enough to allow proper blood circulation throughout the body. 

Apart from tight jeans, another thing you consider is not to wear tight belts around your waist. This too would cause the same damage without you realizing it until the hazard occurs.

What Types of Jeans are Good for Driving?

If you are planning to drive for long hours, then it would be better to wear some relaxed clothing. There are few main types of jeans. Let’s have a proper idea of what they are.

  1. Skinny – This is tightly fitted from the hip to the hem with a tapered leg opening.
  2. Slim – Slim type is neither too tight, nor too loose. However, it is straight through the length and has a narrower leg opening.
  3. Regular – This too, is straight with a fairly large leg opening.
  4. Relaxed – A loose fit throughout the whole leg and hence named relaxed.
  5. Loose – This is a baggy and roomy pair of jeans with plenty of space for legs and thighs.

Out of all these, wearing the regular, relaxed, and loose types of jeans would be ideal for long drives. They would allow proper blood circulation throughout the lower body.

Regular Jeans

The regular jeans fit straight from the hip to the thigh. However, they have a mid-rise and large leg opening. This type is ideal for anyone who is neither too thin nor too big. Unlike the slim and skinny types of jeans, the regular jeans would provide enough room for the body even when sitting in the driver’s seat for too long.

Relaxed Jeans

If you have thick thighs, then you would definitely feel comfortable in these relaxed jeans. It creates extra space and room around the waist area. This would also prevent sweating and uncomfortable rashes that might occur from wearing tight jeans. Therefore, relaxed jeans are an ideal type for driving.

Loose Jeans

There is abundant breathing space in these types of loose jeans. It provides plenty of space for the thighs, legs, and butt. This is an ideal type of jeans for driving as it does not cause any tightening of the body parts. It is also good for anyone who has a big waist and big-boned. You would not sweat around the thighs and hence make you feel a lot more comfortable for long rides and drives than wearing tight slim jeans.

can you wear jeans while driving

The Conclusion

I hope you might have found the answer to this question of whether you can wear jeans while driving. Yes, you can wear jeans, but you need to follow the respective attire. Make sure not to wear too tight jeans. Go for a better style that would make you feel more comfortable at the same time. This would save you from any accidents and also safeguard your health. I hope you found this article useful when planning an outfit for your next long drive.

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