8 Things to Avoid for Short Legged Women

8 Things to Avoid for Short Legged Women

Petite ladies come in a variety of heights and body types. Despite the fact that we are all under 5’4′′, some tiny females are extremely fortunate to be born with longer legs than their height. I have short legs too. In fact, I am petite only because of my short legs. I’ve mastered how to make my legs look longer and today I’m going to share with you the things that I avoid if I want to make my legs look longer. Before discussing about them let’s answer some general questions.

Why Is My Leg So Short?

The majority of women have either a short torso and long legs or a long torso and shorter legs. About 80% of the height of an individual depends on its genes. A mix of environmental factors, like nutrition during the childhood and the health of your mom during pregnancy, determines another 20 percent. (Source). These factors affect the overall height of your limbs and the length of time they are in your womb or childhood.

How Do You Know If You Have Short Legs?

By comparing the length above and below the hip line, the easiest way to establish the vertical body form type.

short legs clothe guide

Source – mport

If you have shorter legs, your hip-line height is less than half your height.

Are Short or Long Legs More Attractive?

Research of over 200 men and women revealed the most attractive people, regardless of their sex, whose legs are 5% longer than the average (Source). But I don’t care, and it’s really about the girl. I know very nice girls with short legs.

Is It Normal to Have Short Legs?

Everything really depends on the individual. It’s quite normal. Long torso and short legs actually are a quite common body type. If you don’t like to look short legged woman, you have to follow the below things. Otherwise, there is no any abnormal scenario behind it.

Things to Avoid for Short Legged Women

1. Avoid Low Rise Clothes

Low rise appears to be making a comeback at the moment. I recommend avoiding the trend demands and instead opting for high rise bottoms that will lengthen your legs. If a high rise makes you feel like you’re being swallowed whole, a mid-rise is the lowest you should go, although most people who think they have shorter legs also think they have a longer torso. So, if you’re like me, you’ll always choose a high-rise wearable.

The thing about high waisted pants is that they give the impression that your waist is higher than it is. Another really simple tip for you guys is to always tie a button-up shirt a little higher than your actual waistline when wearing it over a jumpsuit or a dress. As a result, doing so will give the impression of a shorter torso and longer legs.

2. Avoid Mid-Calf Boots or Shoes

Any shoe or boot that cuts you off mid-calf should be avoided. Instead, choose for ankle-length or lower-heeled shoes to lengthen your legs. Also, if you’re comfortable in them, try an above-the-knee boot in the cooler months; it’ll look great on you, especially if you have a rectangle or inverted triangle body shape. I don’t feel comfortable in a boot that goes above the knee, so I stick to ankle boots.

3. Buckling Hemlines Should Be Avoided

Right present, oversized trousers and jeans are really popular. So stay away from anything with a buckled hemline. It will elongate the appearance of short legs. Instead, I wear a longer, looser jean that I layer over a heeled shoe, or I get the hemline pulled up so that the buckling doesn’t happen when I’m wearing flat shoes. 

Bonus tip: Though you’re hemming your jeans, have your tailor reconnect the original hem rather than folding it under. This will make it appear as if you bought them at the ideal length.

4. You’ll Want to Avoid Tunics

To be honest, I often breach this guideline. A tunic, like a dropped waist, can shorten your stature and make your legs appear even shorter.

Tunics, by the way, de-emphasize the shoulders, so if you’re like me and want to balance out your proportions, tunics will not do the shoulders justice. And if these types of tops make you feel more confident, try to keep them monochrome or at least comparable in color to the rest of your outfit. This will help minimize any broken lines cutting you off and shortening your legs even more.

5. Choose shoes wisely

As a result, it’s generally knowledge that wearing heels lengthens your legs. However, I believe that this varies. I believe that choosing the improper heel can have the opposite effect of what you’re attempting to achieve. So, while all heels provide height, I prefer a nude heel. As a result, everyone’s idea of a nude heel is distinct. The difference between a black and a nude heel, in my opinion, is that a black heel creates some contrast between your foot and your leg.

Nude heels don’t cut you off. If you wear a nude heel with any outfit, it simply elongates you and gives you height.

Also match shoe color with your jeans. I think a super easy way to make your legs look longer is simply just matching the color of your shoes to your pants.

6. Avoid oversized on top and bottom

We want to concentrate on vertical lengthening rather than horizontal lengthening. If you’re wearing tighter tops, you’ll want to strike a good balance with your apparel. 

You can lengthen by going looser on the bottom and tighter on the top, or by going tight on both the top and bottom. However, there are occasions when wearing oversized clothing items on top and bottom draws attention away from vertical length and toward horizontal lengthening, which is not what we want if we want to appear taller.

7. Avoid chunky shoes

The next item is clunky or dad shoes. It also applies to many heels that are just a looks too big for our feet. 

Nude shoes are particularly fantastic for a long inning, so try to wear barely-there heels or heels that type of match your skin tone as much as possible. If you’ve ever seen a short girl wearing a massive dad shoe, it’s almost as if that’s all you can see. It basically consumes your entire body. Because it’s so enormous and bulky, it appears heavy, and we don’t want to appear that way. 

We want to be able to allow the body to naturally elongate rather than focusing on something like that, which makes you appear even more petite and shorter.

8. Avoid oversized handbags

They perform the same function as a clunky shoe. Enormous purses draw attention away from you and focus it on the oversized item you’re carrying on your body, making you appear smaller and more petite. Small handbags are wonderful since they are proportionate to your body. They don’t eat you up, and nude bags are great because they are a neutral and don’t draw too much attention.

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